Sunday, May 26, 2013


Mereka bangun, aku bangun,
Mereka duduk, aku duduk,

Mustahil dapat duduk masa mereka bangun,
Aku cuma dapat perhati dan larikan diri.

Walaupun ada yang sehati, tapi jiwanya lain-lain,
Baik lupakan sahaja.

Minoriti tidak akan jadi majoriti,
Tidak mungkin.

Sebab kami tidak sehati sejiwa,
biarpun atas paksi perjuangan yang sama.

Di sini tiada jiwa-jiwa yang sama.

Aku penat berjuang dengan sepi di sini,
Meskipun tahu bahawa di sana,
masih hidup berpuluh ribu jiwa-jiwa yang sama.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I'm still remembered when i was a boy, I always fight with my only little sister. We fight for a small matter and my mother will punch my head. As a brother I have to lose.

 My little sister have a shot hair cut and she was among the smallest student in her class. When saw the class photo I can easily recognize him because she always sit in the front line. Although she small, but she love to talk a lot.

 She also love cat. When a kitten die, my permanent job is to bury it near my house while she was crying. One days, our cat missing and only found on tomorrow day, the cat was eat by wild dogs. She cried for a day and my mother went to our neighbor  house to ask a new little kitten and brought home. 

That time the most famous on television that she love was the first season of  Akademi Fantasia , Philippine drama "Pangako Sayo", Indonesia drama "Bawang Merah Bawang Putih" and other cartoons stuff. I will fight in order to get the remote control to watch football. Usually i already booking the channel a few day before football live match.

Because I'm alone played  football at home, i forced my little sister to be a goal keeper. Sometime she just ignore and ran away.

When I'm 10, there was a art subject. Each student need to submit art things. So my mother told me to make a portrait holder. It very simple only take old small size table calender and made a little renovation by put flower and some ribbon. Lastly, i put my little sister picture on it. She angry but i don't care. Her picture attractive and i became famous in my class that day, plus my teacher gave me grade  A !

That time when i have grown up like today, i wish to get her a sister in-law because she only girl in my family. Someday she will help me on my wedding ceremony. Choose my baju melayu, shirt, shoes, cake and others stuff. She will be an aunty and take care of my baby when my future wife given birth. 

I also imagined that i will take care her and no man can mess with her. Make sure she cover her aurat perfectly. Send her to university and help manage her wedding ceremony. I will become an uncle and holding her own baby on my hand. 

That all my wish when i am still a 10 years old boy to my beloved little sister.

Now i am 22. 

It will never happen  but I love her forever.

That all for today. Thank.

ps : sorry for my english grammar