Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Public Transport : Bus

First, my English is suck mostly on grammar.Sorry. If you don't mind keep reading.

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Yesterday, i went back to my hometown by using public transport. I took a bus. Not a single trip but two trip with different bus. I like to take bus rather than car because i can see and meet many type of people with different behavior.I have to speak with many people. Actually i am shy person and don't speak with stranger which I don't know. But  in a some case when you are alone, you have to do so.

-- At the bus station, I saw a man wore tidy cloth, danced and ask some money. He came close to one family. One guy of the family, gave him some money --

1. A boy
   - I sat beside him and he asked me what time now and i replied back. We talked a few conversation. He want go to Malacca. I guess he a university student just like me. I left him and went to shop to buy a top up.

2. The shop owner
    - Nothing special just a normal conversation between a seller and customer.

3. Driver bus
  - I saw a bus and it same with bus that i will ride. I thought that bus because don't saw other bus. I asked the driver and he said looked at the signboard. Oh,wrong bus. Ok fine.

4. A aunty
    - I put my luggage bag beside a chair. The aunty sat and fall back with her hand on my luggage. I just let it be while my bus doesn't came yet. When the bus coming, i take my luggage and she automatically pull of her hand and smile.

5. A conductor bus
    - There a women who managed my bus ticket. I asked her to make sure that was my bus. She said yes than i put my luggage at the buttom of the bus and my sit was at the back with a single sit.

6. A shop owner
    - The bus stopped at bus station to pick up new passenger. It stop about 10 minutes and i went to a shop to buy drink. Just like the normal conversation.

7. A shop owner
   - About 3 am the bus stop again, and i ate again. I hungry but afraid to eat rice because i might be want go to toilet while on the bus. I ordered teh o panas and sandwich.

8. A man
   - When i reached my destination about 6.00 am in the morning, a man that sat in front of me asking where was this place. I answered and we made a few conversation. I guess he is not from here because seem not familiar with this place.

9. A sweet girl
   - At the bus station, i sat beside a malay girl wearing hijab. Her age maybe just around me. I dont look at him to much. Of course you have to cover when look at a girl. Suddenly he pass in front of me and approunch me and said " Can u look at my bag for a while ? " I said " ok ". She went to perform subuh prayer at the near surau. After finished, she said " Thank you". I just said "ok".

10. A uncle
   - He came and ask me and the sweet girl that sat beside me. Where you want to go. We replied his question.

11. A ticket seller I
    - I asked the man that sold the bus ticket and there is no ticket.

12. A ticket seller II
     - No, ticket also.

13. A ticket seller III
      - No, ticket also. Finally i just bought the ticket although the date doesn't good to me. At least i have a         ticket to go back to university.

14.  Taxi driver I
     - A uncle asked me where want to go and i replied back to him. Then he told me to ride a taxi with other taxi driver.

15. Taxi driver II
     - We make negotiation about the price. Ok, five ringgit. On the way, we have chatted a few conversation.He complained why the mosque renovation was too long to finish.

16. A uncle
     - At the other bus station, a uncle came to me and wanted me to help him to put in a top up. He gave me the top up card and i helped him.

17. A boy
   - There a boy aged about 19 maybe. He took "sijil agama tinggi malaysia" (STAM) and will be further his study in Egypt in a few month. I'm proud with him.

While on the bus.

-- In that bus, i saw one foreigner guy. White, spectacles and beard. He brought bag on his back and hold a Malay dictionary in his hand. I wonder why he just alone by himself. He almost lost direction. I keep thinking what will happen if i travelling in his country alone. Go to Europe alone. That cool.

I think that all. Next time i will use train. Bye. Sorry for my stupid grammar English error. I'm not often write in English since in high school.